Our Story

aboutJames K. Robinson started in the candy business in 1928, learning to make candy as an apprentice at the Whitman Company in Philadelphia. Through the years, he worked for several different candy companies, honing his skills and developing his own recipes. He thought it would be fun to show his granddaughter’s what he did for a living one day while visiting his son. On his next visit to Skillman, NJ, where his son lived, he brought all the makings for Irish Cinnamon Potatoes, a local favorite made only around St. Patrick’s Day. His son (Jim), daughter in-law (Nancy) and his three grand daughters (Mary Ann, Pattie and Maureen) broke out all the ingredients and got to work in Jim and Nancy’s kitchen. Everyone was having so much fun, at one point; Jim (Pop-Pop) turned to his grand daughters and said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own Candy Store?”

The next day Dad and Son were out looking for locations. This coupled with the realization that candy making was a dying art; Jim spoke with Nancy about opening a store. Jim would eventually learn all of his fathers recipes from vanilla butter creams to chocolate peanut butter fudge and Nancy would be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the store.

Robinson’s Fine Candies or Robinson’s, for the locals, was officially opened in January of 1978. Since it’s opening in Montgomery Shopping Center, Robinson’s has been a hit. When you walk in the door, the wonderful aroma of homemade chocolates helps you step a little lighter towards your various selections. Now comes the fun! You can choose from over 100 different selections that range from creams, caramels, nuts, fruits and novelties such as pretzels, graham crackers and oreos, all in either milk or dark chocolate. We also offer dietetic chocolate that has no sugar or salt (also made the old fashioned way, so there is no bitter aftertaste). Special occasion? You can also choose from our various gift selections or specialty chocolate molds that range from sports to business themes (computer, fire engine etc.). Holiday? How about pumpkin caramels at Halloween?, melt in your mouth Christmas mints?, irish potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day and of course a wide selection of hearts for Valentine’s Day. We have the yummiest chocolate bunnies and eggs for Easter and we have Chanukah and Passover covered too.

It has been said that Jim will chocolate coat anything, at least once. Don’t see it, ask, we are more than happy to accommodate and do special orders frequently. Visiting someone? Stop in and bring a nice host/hostess gift of chocolate. Nancy will amaze you with her knowledge of what the individual(s) like/dislike and you can custom create a box just for them.

Come on in and visit us! You might be lucky and visit on a day when the machine is running and actually see the homemade chocolates coming off the conveyor belt (yes, just like the I Love Lucy episode!).